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Rafiki is a grassroots non profit organization. We grow together and support each other. We have many ways you can join our community and we welcome your participation.

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Volunteering at Rafiki offers exciting learning opportunities and rewarding experiences. Whether through direct or indirect interaction with families and young people, you can help improve the quality of life of the Rafiki community. As a volunteer, we welcome you as a full member of the Rafiki team.

We have a wide variety of volunteer streams to suit your interests. Our volunteer opportunities include: interpreters, tutors, babysitters, cooks, and festival organizers. We also welcome your ideas about how you would like to contribute. Email us at to learn more.

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The strength of a community stems from the stability of its families and the ability of its families to help and support each other. Rafiki’s Family Mentorship Program is a great opportunity to build friendships and support between ‘twinned’ families.

The mentoring family takes care of the family it is

supporting with advice and others help according to the unique needs of the family. This service is a great volunteer opportunity for families who want to directly help others and share their experiences. Email us at to learn more.

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Rafiki welcomes financial donations from the community to be applied directly to program costs. This support helps us to grow our programming and increase the amount of people we can serve. Funds donated to Rafiki are received and overseen by the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, our charitable partner and mentor.

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