Rafiki means friend in Swahili and other languages. This phrase emphasizes the approach we take to helping our fellow community members. Our focus is on supporting members of the Congolese community in Hamilton and other Francophone Africans in Canada with their personal and professional development and integration into Canadian society. Uniquely, we assist Congolese who do not speak any of Canada's official languages ​​and who are allophones. We serve them in their native languages.


We are committed to creating a welcoming environment to build relationships, learn, and grow. Our participants and supporters come from many different backgrounds. We value diversity and deliver culturally contextual programming, including service delivery in different languages.

Rafiki is appreciative of the organizational mentorship and support provided by the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion as we develop and is also Proudly funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Youth Opportunities Fund.

Rafiki is proudly funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Youth Opportunities Fund and is appreciative of the organizational mentorship and support provided by the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.



We are committed to:







Founder and Director

Liliane Masengo Kabamba is the Founder and Executive Director of Rafiki. As a young adult, she acquired a degree in law from Université protestante au Congo. With her law degree, she worked hard to help families, widows, and orphans in her native Congo. Liliane moved to Canada in 2005. Upon arriving in Canada, she worked in the field of settlement and integration of newcomers, with a focus on empowering women. She studied at Laurentian University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Education degree. She furthered her education by completing her Master of Education degree at the University of Ottawa.


Liliane has executed human rights projects with the Canadian Teachers' Federation. She is the author of two books: My Identity, My Culture, and Once Upon a Time Human Rights.


Currently a teacher École Élémentaire Pavillon de la Jeunesse with the Viamonde school board in Hamilton, Ontario, she launched Rafiki to contribute to her community. In leading Rafiki, She uses insights from her first hand immigration experience and her passion to help families become empowered.

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