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Rafiki Hamilton's Team.

Rafiki supports members of the Congolese community in Hamilton and other Francophone Africans in Canada with their personal and professional development and integration into Canadian society.

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Services and programs Rafiki offers to adults, youth and families

Ways you can volunteer, participate, or donate to Rafiki


Rafiki offers free computer skills training for adult learners to assist in developing digital literacy

Team members assist a woman asking a question about her computer in skills training.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rafiki is helping families with a $50 food voucher to meet urgent needs. The program takes place every Saturday from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. To benefit from the program, you must register as a Rafiki member and present your membership card. Membership is free. Complete the membership form and we will contact you to invite you to receive your voucher. This program is intended for residents who identify as Black and are parents or adults (18 and over) in need.

A bag of groceries with the Rafiki logo on it


There are many ways you can participate with Rafiki, such as becoming a family mentor, or helping manage events

Learn about supporting Rafiki
Women smiling and laughing as they look at laptops
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